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Ferenc Gyurcsány

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Ferenc Gyurcsány (born 4 June 1961) is a Hungarian entrepreneur and politician. He was the sixth Prime Minister of Republic of Hungary from 2004 to 2009. He was nominated to take that position on 25 August 2004 by the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP), after Péter Medgyessy resigned due to a conflict with the Socialist Party's coalition partner.

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  • Albert Pásztor, the police chief of Miskolc in 2009, held a press conference on the 30th of January, 2009. Miskolc is an industrial city in Northern Hungary, where Gypsies constitute a high proportion of the population, and crime rates are much higher than elsewhere. Pásztor said in the press conference that a particular kind of street mugging is committed by Gypsies only and he added “cohabitation is not possible with our minority citizens. Yes, that’s it.” Gyurcsány, who was still PM at that time, rushed to hold a press conference and he theatrically announced he had ordered the police minister to fire Pásztor for his “racist hate speech”.



  • He often displays himself in the role of an anti-fascist politician, who is strongly against the Hungarian radicalism and anti-semitism. However, he is the subject of criticism by his political opponents for the luxury villa of Rózsadomb in which he lives and is now the property of his recent wife, having been taken away from a Jewish family twice;


  • The 2006 protests in Hungary were a series of anti-government protests triggered by the release of Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány's private speech in which he confessed that his Hungarian Socialist Party had lied to win the 2006 election, and had done nothing worth mentioning in the previous four years of governing.




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