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Florence Schechter

In her own words: "Florence is a science communicator, mostly by making a tit of herself on screen and on stage. She is a comedian, presenter, trainer and is also building a vagina museum because she apparently never wants to sleep again." (floschechter.com)




  • Schechter, a Jewish comedian and communications professional in her 20s, is preparing to open the [world’s first vagina museum] in Brighton, 50 miles south of London. When the news broke in the spring, it caught the attention of Conan O’Brien, who quipped: It will be “the first museum where you enter through the gift shop.” The museum will also promote gay rights, said Schechter, who added that if she were living in one of the world’s 12 countries with death penalties for gay people, “I too would have been sentenced to death.”




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