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Florian Mundt

Florian Mundt (1 October, 1987) is a German YouTube video producer and psychology student. His main YouTube channel is called "LeFloid", and has 3,1 million subscribers. [Status: 28.07.2017]




  • Mundt vocally supported Klaas Heufer-Umlauf's and Joko Winterscheidt's video called "Das wird man wohl noch sagen dürfen #mundaufmachen" (Surely you're still allowed to say this #Openyourmouth - Note: This is a commonly used expression in Germany to signal annoyance against political correctness). In this video the duo insult people who express their anger and concerns about the refugee crisis in Europe (often in a crude manner) by calling them cowards and stupid for attacking the weakest people in society. Mundt stated that he supports everything that was said in the video.



  • Mundt, in a YouTube video, called the AfD, a eurosceptic German party, "The Holy Grail... of shittyness". He criticised the party for its right-wing populism, and described it's voters as people who do not like to think, cannot read and easy to mislead.




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