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Foro Integración Social de los Inmigrantes

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The Forum for the Social Integration of Immigrants is the organ of consultation, information and advice on the integration of immigrants. The aim of the Forum is to promote the participation and integration of immigrants into Spanish society, proposing, informing and channeling actions aimed at these purposes. (foroinmigracion.es)



Community, Non-Profit

Medium influence



  • Their goals, among others: "Formulate proposals and recommendations aimed at promoting the integration of immigrants and refugees in Spanish society, Cooperate with other similar bodies in international, regional or local level in order to coordinate and improve any actions that benefit the social integration of immigrants and refugees people, Collect and channel the proposals of social organizations active in the field of immigration, in order to facilitate harmonious coexistence between immigrants and the host society."


  • Foro para la Integración Social de los Inmigrantes is listed as a "Key Stakeholder" on the European Commission's website on integration.



Red Acoge (Business)

Network Beta


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