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Foundation for Social Diversity

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The Foundation for Social Diversity (FSD) is an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to develop an open, diverse society by supporting intercultural dialogue and social integration, challenging discrimination, increasing knowledge and developing tools that strengthen social integration and equality, as well as empowering social minorities, migrants and migrant communities. (ffrs.org.pl)

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  • In the past several years, the FSD has focused on implementing the following projects: Providing support programs to migrants through the Welcome Center in Warsaw. Public discussion series. An educational program for employees of the Office for Foreigners (Urząd ds. Cudzoziemców), who work with asylum seekers.


  • Education Focus: We implement educational programs that aim to increase knowledge about the issue of social diversity among ex. students and pupils, teachers and school directors, public administration employees. FSD organizes trainings, workshops and longer-term educational programs, which are designed to respond to a specific need or to deepen knowledge and strengthen skills in areas of cross-cultural communication, information about different cultures or religions, the issue of discrimination, social exclusion, equal treatment, integration, migration, etc. Our team of trainers and educators has extensive experience and can cover a broad range of topics through specially designed educational programs that address the specific needs and expectations of different groups of beneficiaries.


  • Research Focus: The FSD prioritizes “action research”, which means that we undertake research that has direct practical policy implications. Our research is innovative not only in the topics and issues that we focus on, but also in the approach and methodology we apply. We attach great value to the consultation process both prior to launching research activities and at the phase of developing recommendations. Involving external institutions from across different sectors in consultations is a strategic approach designed to increase the potential for practical implications of our that our research. The FSD also actively supports and consults other institutions in their research work.


  • “Migrant Narratives” Series: It has always been a priority for the FSD to promote and raise awareness about social diversity issues among the public through panels and discussions, cultural events, lectures, which allow people to meet experts in issues such as migration, the situation of migrants and social minorities in Poland, discrimination, multiculturalism and social diversity. These types of events and activities emphasize the importance of such issues to contemporary Polish society. Our goal is also to create space and time for open and honest discussion about often difficult and complicated issues resulting from a meeting of different cultures, norms and traditions. In 2010, the FSD realized a series of short films entitled “Migrant Narratives”, which now serve as educational tool



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