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Frank Lowy

Sir Frank P. Lowy, AC (born 22 October 1930) is a Czechoslovak-born Australian-Israeli businessman and the former long-time Chairman of Westfield Corporation, a global shopping centre company with US$29.3 billion of assets under management in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. Lowy is Jewish.




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Lowy Institute Website https://www.lowyinstitute.org/


  • Quote “We are focusing too much on the problems and forgetting about the opportunities of immigration [...] I believe in a big Australia. I am an advocate for an ambitious immigration program [...] In the past year our immigration intake has declined. We have gone from migration targets to migration caps [...] I think we are moving in the wrong direction. We should bend that curve back upwards. We should be talking about targets, not caps [...] I have also been disturbed by the negative tone of the debate over immigration [...] Now that our borders are secure, I believe we can afford to be ambitious on immigration and generous towards refugees who come through the established processes.”



  • In April 2003 to mark the 50th anniversary of his arrival in Australia, Lowy established the Lowy Institute for International Policy, an independent international policy think tank devoted to foreign affairs, and Australia's role in the world. The annual Lowy Lecture has been delivered in recent years by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former CIA director David Petraeus and News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch.


  • His son Peter, is chairman of Tribe Media Corp, the parent of the Jewish Journal. Quote from the article: "Then Joshua Avedon, co-founder and COO of Jumpstart, a think-tank and incubator dedicated to fostering Jewish innovation, moderated a conversation with philanthropist Peter Lowy, who holds leadership positions at a number of L.A. nonprofits, including serving as chairman of TRIBE Media Corp., parent company of the Jewish Journal."



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