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Gabriel Lansky

Gabriel Lansky (born 27 December 1955 in Vienna) is an Austrian lawyer, in particular an economic and human rights prosecutor as well as a criminal attorney. Lansky is Jewish.

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  • Much media attention attracted Lanska's involvement as a representative of the widows of two managers of the Kazakh Nurbank, who were murdered in 2007. For years, Kazakhstan demanded the extradition of former Kazakh ambassador to Austria, Rachat Shoraz (formerly Aliyev). Lansky also committed himself to Tagdyr, which is run by not only the widows of the two murdered managers, but also the Kazakh intelligence agency KNB. [...] The magazine "DATUM" reported that a paid campaign against Rachat Aliyev was commissioned by a well-known PR agency. This led to a systematically planned smear campaign with the help of thousands of postings on the Internet. Client was, via the detour of a PR agency, the law firm of Gabriel Lansky.



  • Lansky is a member of the Austrian-Russian and Austrian-Azerbaijani Friendship Societies. He is a member of numerous supervisory boards, and he is President of the Austrian-Israel Chamber of Commerce.


  • For Alfred Gusenbauer he ran the celebrity committee in the 2006 election campaign. He himself ran for national elections for the SPÖ [Social Democratic Party of Austria], but in the back ranks. [...] This caused speculations Lansky would finance the SPÖ through his lavish fees received from the ÖBB [Austrian Federal Railways]. Lansky dismissed these allegations as untrue.



  • Lansky describes the situation in Austria regarding racism, xenophobia and anti-semitism in Austria as follows: "There is a lurking xenophobia; a lurking fascist undertone, which is a real danger when the crisis gets stronger; There is enourmous fascist potential that will focus primarily on Muslims and Turks, and will be accompanied by anti-semitic ramblings"



  • Lansky was organizer and speaker at a conference named "Countering Anti-Semitism and Hate Crime - Strengthening The Rule of Law in The Digital Age". Event description: "Our event builds on a conference organized by the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (IAJLJ) and the Tel Aviv University, with the support of the Ministries of Justice and Home Affairs of Austria, in 2015. It builds the forum for the exchange of appropriate instruments in the fight against anti-Semitism and hate criminality."


  • He is particularly concerned with the areas of human rights and asylum law. [...] Today, Lansky is proud of the fact that his complaint to the Constitutional Court was the reason why neo-Nazi parties have been prohibited from taking part in elections since 1985. "This is one of the most fundamental achievements in anti-fascism in Austria." He is also a regular legal contributor to the Vienna Israelite Community (IKG), for instance in the auction of the Mauerbach property, but also recently against the authors of the neo-Nazi website alpen-donau.info.


  • [Gabriel Lansky] can still remember the 1980s, when the asylum policy in Austria was quite different from today. "An asylum seeker arrived at the airport in Vienna, and I called the Justice Minister at the time [Christian] Broda at two o'clock in the night and said he was threatened to be deported. Then he said out of sleep, 'Call Erwin.' That was the Interior Minister at the time. I told him that, and he said on the phone, 'tell them to let him in - give my best regards.'"


  • One of his concerns is to take over Probono-Causes again and again, mostly about human rights processes, often leading them to the European Court of Human Rights. He also works regularly for asylum seekers. "As a child of persecuted people I know this traveling and emigrating, I have a different understanding."


  • As news magazine "profil" reported in its Monday edition, the Viennese lawyer Gabriel Lansky, who is close to the SPÖ, was directly involved in the founding of the FPÖ-critical platform "Weil's um was geht" [Translation: "Because it matters"]. As Lansky confirms to "profile", he worked as an attorney at the request of the initiators of the platform. Therefore, his law firm was also the owner of the donation account of the initiative, which he manages for them. Hans Peter Haselsteiner, the former SPÖ politician Brigitte Ederer, the author David Schalko and the start-up entrepreneur Maria Baumgartner, were the founders of "Weil's um was geht". The wife of the Federal Chancellor, Eveline Steinberger-Kern, states in a statement for "profile" to be "part of the round of first-time supporters".



  • Quote from the article: "One of [Lansky's law firm's] customers: ÖBB [Austrian Federal Railways]. A framework contract provides the firm with a fee of 4.5 million euro until 2017. Lansky does not intend to withdraw from this contract. He had been commissioned by former ÖBB General Director Rüdiger vorm Walde, not a Social Democrat at all, since his firm was the 'leading infrastructure consultant'."


  • During the proceedings of the board of inquiry into the "Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank scandal", former Hypo adviser Lansky was interviewed. Another prominent witness was former SPÖ chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer. Lansky's law firm "Lansky, Ganzger + Partner" acted as legal counsel for the sale of the Hypo bank while Alon Shklareks consulting firm handled the transaction. The Hypo bank scandal ended up costing the Austrian taxpayers between 13 and 19 billion Euros.



  • Business consultant and partner of Alfred Gusenbauer, Alon Shklarek has left the presidency of the Austrian-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce (ATAZ). Gabriel Lansky, an associate of the law firm Lansky, Ganzger + Partner, has now taken over the chairmanship of the ATAZ, which he co-founded. Shlarek, who has also left the Bureau of the Austrian-Israel Chamber of Commerce AICC (President Lansky), gave being overworked as reason. [...] In principle, the Austrian Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce is a private organization which aims to promote economic relations between Azerbaijan and Austria; The Austrian-Israel Chamber of Commerce AICC has similar tasks.




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