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Gabriele Gün Tank

Gün Tank is the managing director of Neuen Deutschen Organisationen (New German(s) Organisations), a German organisation which supports the rights of people of colour. Previously she was the integration commissioner of the district Tempelhof-Schöneberg in Berlin. She studied journalism at the Marmara Universität in Istanbul Journalismus and graduated with a Master of Public Administration from the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. (zeit.de)

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  • Tank has called for a migrant quota for politicians in the Bundestag (German federal parliament). She believes that the number of politicians with a migrant background in the Bundestag of 2013 is too low (37 members of the 2013 Bundestag, or 5,9%, had a migrant background). Tank also went on to call for a migrant quota in ministries, government bodies and trade unions, as well as in other areas of politics.




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