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Georg Zanger

Georg Zanger (born May 15, 1947) is an Austrian lawyer. He is one of the most prominent business lawyers and defense lawyers in the Republic, which also publicly opposes right-wing extremism. Georg Zanger is of Jewish descent. Two aunts and a cousin died in concentration camps of the National Socialists. He was born in 1947 as the son of lawyer Jakob Zanger. His father was a KPÖ (Communist Party of Austria) member and resistance fighter, who fought as a soldier of the British Army in Austria.

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  • After graduating in 1965 at the Bundesrealgymnasium Wien Georg Zanger studied law from 1965 to 1970 at the University of Vienna. He was promoted to Dr. jur. PhD. From 1970 to 1975 he was a trainee lawyer in the law firm of his father. Because of his initial communist belief, he was not allowed to be a judge in Austria. From 2003 to 2005 he completed an Executive M.B.L.-HSG in Business Law at the University of St. Gallen. In 2004 he studied mediation at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


  • One of his cases was against the Kronen Zeitung in the case of Lainz in 1989. Next he represented, among others, as a lawyer the interests: 1991 of the convicted rapist Otto Muehl, in 1994 the convicted serial killer Jack Unterweger, 1995, the law student and ex-lover of Udo Jürgens, Sabrina Burda, in maintenance and attendance common illegitimate daughter, 2000 by former Polish forced laborers from the Nazi era, 2001/02 of the relatives of the Nigerian asylum seeker Marcus Omofuma, 2007 the father in the case Luca, 2009 by Wolfgang Purtscheller in a dispute over the history of the KPÖ, 2010 of the Thomas Sessler publishing house regarding the change of the national anthem and since 2012 the donor Gertrud Meschar.


  • Georg Zanger, who is considered a left-wing lawyer, was in the 1970s several times legal against right-wing student fraternities and magazines. He is committed against right-wing extremist tendencies in and from the environment of the so-called third camp. In 1985 he was with Otto Bruckner (KJÖ), Alfred Gusenbauer (SJ) and Gabriel Lansky the four-member coordination committee of the committee "For a democratic anti-fascist Austria", which counteracted the candidacy of FPÖ MP Otto Scrinzi as Federal President. The Vienna judicial authorities Zanger proposed to be "blind in the right eye," the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the fight against terrorism, he sees deficits in dealing with right-wing radicalism.


  • In 2010, he sued 56 people and organizations in an alleged right-wing network, which also includes several leading FPÖ politicians (including Heinz-Christian Strache and Martin Graf), the magazine Die Aula and the European Cultural Association of the European Spirit, for incitement and the formation of a criminal association. After a press conference on the "spider web of right-wing extremism", he was attacked by his opponents and accused of sweeping denunciation of persons. Two years later, the procedure was discontinued in Graz.


  • In 2011, he opposed the FPÖ Federal Councilor Werner Königshofer because of his contacts to the far-right blog Alpen-Donau.info. Due to the controversial Facebook release in 2012 as an anti-Semitic interpreted caricature by FPÖ party leader Heinz-Christian Strache and the far-right comments of some users of the community, Zanger showed the operator of the site.




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