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Gesicht Zeigen!

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Gesicht Zeigen! Für ein weltoffenes Deutschland e.V. (Show your face – for a cosmopolitan Germany) is a registered society which aims to combat right-wing extremism. The society was founded in 2000 by Uwe-Karsten Heye, Paul Spiegel and Michel Friedman.




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  • The society created the campaign "Jetzt erst recht!" (Now more than ever). The campaign encouraged people to send a picture of their face to the campaign to show that they are against right-wing extremism, racism and prejudice.


  • The society has a project called "Störungsmelder" (Fault detector). In this project the fault detectors, who are prominent members of society, go to classrooms and talk about different subjects, such as right-wing music and symbols, Pegida, asylumseekers and how to combat online racism.


  • The society signed the "Respect for core values in the election campaign" statement of the Netz gegen Rassismus (Internet against racism) network. The signatories agreed to condemn "racism and right-wing extremism" as they "are a danger to the free development of one's personality and societal cohesion." The signatories also support equal rights for everyone, and "demand formative politics which constructivly deal with the challenges of immigration and encourage cohesion in a diverse society."




Heiko Maas (Business)

Netz Gegen Rassimus (Business)

Uwe-Karsten Heye (Business)

Michel Friedman (Business)

Rafael Seligmann (Business)

Andreas Schmidt (Politics)

Ole Tillmann (Business)

Markus Kavka (Business)

Bjorn Harras (Business)

Petra Pau (Business)

Fatih Çevikkollu (Business)

Carolin Kebekus (Business)

Tibor Sturm (Business)

Fumio "Blumio" Kuniyoshi (Business)

Robert Schupp (Business)

Burhan Qurbani (Business)

Andrea Röpke (Business)

Die Zeit (Business)

Iris Berben (Business)

Ogilvy & Mather Germany (Business)

Gerdy Zint (Business)

Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (Politics)

Sebastian Krumbiegel (Business)

Dunja Hayali (Business)

Norbert Blüm (Politics)

Thomas Hitzlsperger (Business)

Antje Widdra (Politics)

Bundesministerium Für Familie Senioren Frauen Und Jugend (Business)

Anne Will (Politics)

Bärbel Schäfer (Business)

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