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Gribu Palidzet Begliem

Translation: 'Want to Help Refugees': "Gribu palīdzēt bēgļiem started as a Facebook group- movement in 2015 to help refugees and asylum seekers who have arrived in Latvia. Since then different aids have been given - mentoring assistance, organised food and clothing distribution, assistance with doctors, education and also making socializing events for refugees and locals". (annalindhfoundation.org) Head of the organization is Egils Grasmanis.

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  • Promotion by think tank PROVIDUS of an event organized by GPB, Stockholm School of Economics and UNHCR. PROVIDUS: "Kopā ar Gribu palīdzēt bēgļiem, SSE Mediju centru un @UNHCR_NE aicinām atzīmēt Pasaules bēgļu dienu. Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/679124608941668"



  • UNHCR NorthernEurope‏: "An inspiring and probing presentation by Egils Grasmanis from the #Latvian facebook group Gribu Palīdzēt Bēgļiem. http://tedxriga.com/ready-host-refugee/"



  • TEDxRiga‏: "Meet Egils Grasmanis, a board games entrepreneur and social activist with “Gribu Palīdzēt Bēgļiem”. #TEDxRiga"



  • 'The association “I Want to Help Refugees” (Gribu palīdzēt bēgļiem) and think-tank “PROVIDUS” in cooperation with the UNHCR Northern Europe, Media Centre of Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and Society Integration Foundation marked the World Refugee in Riga on 20 June by taking attendees on an adventure through stories, virtual excursions and Middle Eastern food.'



  • Quote from the article: "It once hosted parties for the Baltic and Russian aristocracy. Now the Kanepes cultural centre, an elegant building in central Riga, echoes with the sound of excited children baking traditional ginger biscuits and making gingerbread houses. The centre takes pride in using ideas and art to challenge people’s preconceptions and make them think for themselves. This time, children and ginger biscuits are raising some tricky issues for many Latvians. That is because the bakers are asylum seekers, around 70 of whom have gathered here for a party organized by a volunteer group called I Want to Help Refugees. The activists feel they are standing up for refugee rights in a nation that is struggling to adjust to Europe’s migration crisis."



  • Youtube video by 'UNHCR Northern Europe' titled 'Refugee Relocation Latvia: Snapshot' in which Egils Grasmanis and 'Gribu Palidzet Begliem' are featured as well as Latvian Parliament member and politician Hosams Abu Meri who is Muslim.




Providus (Business)

Juris Cālītis (Business)

Ascendum Latvia (Business)

Voice Of Migrants Latvia (Business)

Baiba Rubesa (Business)

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