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Heidi Loney

In her own words: "Heidi Loney is a Toronto based Young Adult Author. [...] Heidi’s other passion is politics, and you can find her tongue-in-cheek posts on Toronto city politics blog, leftwingpinko.ca" (heidilloney.com)




  • Quote: "The Students for Western Civilisation, while arguing on the one hand that they are not a racist group, endorse the motives of white supremacists and neo-nazis by not responding or deleting the posts on their Facebook page. Furthermore, the SWC have borrowed heavily from their southern US counterparts with their chosen name, union, motto and their chosen language while keeping silent in the face of hate groups and individuals supporting their cause."



  • Quote: "Throw away your stereotypical back woods inbreeds and stupid rednecks. The new face of hate looks something like this – squeaky clean looking boys; the kind you would gladly hire to mow your lawn or have walk your dog. They’re clean cut, intelligent and well educated."




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