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Heiko Maas

Heiko Maas (September 19, 1966) is a German SPD (Social Democratic Party) politician. He is the current German Justice Minister. Maas has also been the leader of the SPD group in the Saarland regional parliament since 1999.

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  • He wants to have the democratic party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) put under surveillance by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution because of their "misanthropic and xenophobic positions".



  • Called for more solidarity with migrants and says Germany must not be destroyed by "arsonists like Pegida". Furthermore called the Pegida a radical minority that should not be allowed to "destroy a free and open society".



  • He tweeted: "Resolute action against #Hateposts should make everyone think before they pound away on the keyboard."



  • Quote: "There is no connection, not a single link between terrorism and the refugees - except perhaps one: that the refugees flee from the same people in Syria, responsible for the attacks in Paris."



  • German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas vowed that Germany would continue to fight against anti-Semitism and racism "everywhere and everyday," as he kicked off his two-day visit to Israel and Palestinian territories on Sunday with a tour of Jerusalem's Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial. "Germany bears the responsibility for the most barbarous crime in the history of humanity," Maas wrote in the visitors' book at the Yad Vashem memorial. "The Shoah (the Hebrew term for the Holocaust) remains a warning and duty to us to campaign for human rights and tolerance worldwide. We stand by the country that remembers everyone here in Yad Vashem whose lives and dreams were destroyed."




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