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The Heinrich Böll Foundation (German: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung e.V.) is a German, legally independent political foundation. Affiliated with the German Green Party, it was founded in 1997 when three predecessors merged. The foundation was named after German writer Heinrich Böll (1917–1985).




  • The Foundation supports homosexuality nationally and internationally. Quote from their website: "Domestically as well as internationally, it is a key tenet of the Heinrich Böll Foundation to support lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans*, and inter* people in their struggles for equal rights and opportunities."


  • The Foundation stands for a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural Germany. Quote from their website: "For us there is no contradiction between ethnic and cultural diversity within our society and a commitment towards the basic values and rules of democracy; together the two constitute the foundation of our multicultural republic, and this is a key element of the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s mission statement that guides our domestic and international programmes in political education as well as our corporate culture."


  • The Foundation supports feminism. Quote from their website: "Feminist policies have a long and diverse tradition at the Heinrich Böll Foundation. This is also clear from the foundation's history. The Heinrich Böll Foundation emerged out of the unification of three organisations: a feminist foundation called FrauenAnstiftung, Länderstiftungen Buntstift e.V. which was linked to the green party, and the original Heinrich Böll Foundation from Cologne which was responsible for managing Heinrich Böll’s estate."


  • The Foundation supports a wiki called Agent*in (engl.: Agent [Note: The star is a "gender star", used to include both male and female forms of a word]). The wiki records names of anti-feminist persons and organisations, including, but not limited to, tradionalist catholics, far-right activists, men's rights activists and parental organisations. The wiki is a collaboration between the Gunda-Werner Institute, which is the feminist institute of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, and feminist authors.



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