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Hochschüler_innenschaft an der Universität Wien

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In their own words: "We, the ÖH Uni Wien [official representation of university students at University of Vienna], represent your interests at the largest university in Austria. We represent you vis-à-vis the Rectorate, advocate for better studying conditions and help you with advice on the hurdles of your studies." (oeh.univie.ac.at)




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Official Website http://www.oeh.univie.ac.at/

University Profile https://ufind.univie.ac.at/en…

Email Address [email protected]

Staff Member Birgit Berger https://ufind.univie.ac.at/en…


  • From their website: "The current social conditions are characterized by ideologies of inequality, structural discrimination against women, racism, homo*trans*interphobia, heterosexism and the basic marginalization of socially disadvantaged people. As the ÖH Uni Wien, we do not limit ourselves to a critique of society and university policy and fighting symptoms, but create initiatives that aim at fundamental change of these circumstances."


  • The ÖH Uni Wien operates a "committee for equal treatment", which is defined as: "We are the contact point for students, employees, mandates and all institutions of higher education at the University of Vienna with regard to racist, fascist, sexist, revisionist, misogynistic, homophobic or antisemitic behavior within the university community."


  • GEWI is a program by ÖH Uni Wien, which is described as: "The GEWI is a grassroots-democratic group that makes left and critical policies regarding society and universities in an anti-hierarchical manner." GEWI hosts events dedicated to critical theory, gender studies, anti-Semitism etc.



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