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Hope not Hate

Hope not Hate (stylized as HOPE not hate) is an advocacy group based in the United Kingdom. It campaigns against racism and fascism, and seeks to 'combine first class research with community organising and grassroots actions to defeat hate groups at elections and to build community resilience against extremism.' The group was founded in 2004 by Nick Lowles, a former editor of anti-fascist magazine Searchlight (from which it split in late 2011).

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  • Following the murder of politician Jo Cox, a Labour MP, Hope not hate exaggerated the number of Tweets that were supportive of the murder.



  • Quote from their website: "English Defence League leader Stehpen Lennon is threatening to show the disgusting ‘Innocence of Muslims’ film. HOPE not hate believes that if he does he should immediately be prosecuted for incitement."


  • Hope not hate opposes the nationalist party BNP and the anti-EU party UKIP.



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