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Ina Albert

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In her own words: "I'm a grandmother, mother, wife, author and community activist." (amazon.com)




  • Sherry Spencer, mother of alt-right figure Richard Spencer was allegedly harassed by Love Lives Here and some of its members, quote: "[Sherry Spencer] also took aim at a local human rights group, Love Lives Here, and accused it of damaging her family. 'We are stunned by the actions of Love Lives Here, an organization claiming to advocate tolerance and equal treatment of all citizens, yet coursing financial harm to many innocent parties,' she said."



  • Wrote a piece on Donald Trump, quote: "The original settlers of our country fled tyranny. How can closing our borders to legitimate Mexicans and Muslims, sending 11 million back to their country of origin without evidence that they are a threat, be any different than what England did under King George in Colonial times? How are bombing, murdering and waterboarding any less cruel than the treatment immigrants have endured at the hands of tyrants?"




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