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Isabel Schayani‏

Isabel Schayani (26 February, 1967) is a Persian-German journalist. She is a editor for WDR , a German public-broadcasting institution based in the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia, and since December 2015 has overseen the network’s WDRforyou web and social media news channel for refugees arriving in Germany. She is also also an international news presenter for the programme "Weltspiegel" on ARD, a German national public-broadcasting channel.

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  • Schayani supports the notion that everyone with a German passport is German. She lauds Angela Merkel for having the same opinion.



  • Schayani was involved in the production of a WDRforyou video that explained to its viewers in Arabic and German that the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has decided that asylum seekers who managed to stay in a EU country for more than 6 months could not be deported to the first EU country they arrived in. (According to the Dublin Regulation, the EU country where a asylum seekers first arrive should be the country which processes the asylum process.) The controversial video has been criticised by several German news outlets. According to them, this video can be seen as an invitation to Arabic peoples to come to Germany, as the video specifically mentions Germany and the number of deportations of asylum seekers from the country.




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