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James Harding

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James Paul Harding (born 15 September 1969) is a British journalist, and the Director of BBC News. In December 2007, he was named editor of The Times newspaper, the youngest person to become editor of The Times. following Robert Thomson's appointment as publisher of the Wall Street Journal.

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  • This situation becomes more concerning when we note that James Harding, one of the jewish members, has made it explicitly clear that, after making the British daily 'The Times' newsroom pro-Israel, he wants to do precisely the same at the BBC. (8) This obviously already a violation of the BBC's neutrality, which is explicitly required in its periodically renewed charter, since Harding is explicitly setting out to modify the BBC's relative objectivity to a partisan pro-Israel stance. Naturally Harding claims it is 'injecting balance' into the BBC newsroom, but such verbiage is a common linguistic trick (9) and is explicitly how Israel projects 'soft power' to attempt to create a pro-Israeli narrative (i.e. Hasbara). (10)



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