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Jed Saul Rakoff

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Jed Saul Rakoff (born August 1, 1943) is a Jewish-American United States District Judge on senior status for the Southern District of New York. English BA (Swarthmore), JD (Harvard). Adjunct professor at the Colombia Law School. Listed by Fortune Magazine as one of the World's 50 Greatest Leaders.



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  • Rakoff has ruled that sex reassignment surgery should be made available to youth under the age of 18, quote from the article: 'At an October hearing, Judge Rakoff questioned the reasoning for the request, saying, “If, as a matter of constitutional law, a black child was entitled to be admitted to the schools of Little Rock, Ark., after the Brown v. Board of Education decision, the Arkansas Legislature could not, I think with a straight face, say, ‘We’ll wait till our procedure plays itself out.’” ... A health department spokeswoman said the regulation would make “transgender care and services available, regardless of an individual’s age, when such care and services are medically necessary to treat the individual’s gender dysphoria.”'


  • Rakoff ruled the death penalty unconstitutional in 2002, a decision that was later reversed.



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