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Jonathan Arkush

Jonathan Arkush is Senior Vice President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. Jonathan Arkush is a barrister and mediator specialising in property, commercial and probate law. He has a part-time judicial position as a deputy Chancery Master in the High Court of England and Wales. (bod.org.uk)

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  • The University and Colleges Union’s (UCU) plan to question the Government’s definition of antisemitism “beggars belief” according to Jonathan Arkush, president of the Board of Deputies. [... T]he motion claims that the definition, “conflates antisemitism with criticism of the state of Israel and has been used to intimidate academics who are engaged in activities that are critical of the policies of the Israeli government, but that are not antisemitic”. [...] Mr Arkush pointed out [...] “Despite past form, it beggars belief that anyone in the UCU would want to dictate to Jews what constitutes antisemitic abuse against them.”




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