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Jose Mugrabi

Jose Mugrabi (Yosef Mugrabi) is an Israeli industrialist art collector. Mugrabi was born to a Syrian-Jewish family in Jerusalem. Mugarbi appeared on BBC's 'The Great Contemporary Art Bubble' (2009), as an influential art collector renowned for inflating the price of contemporary works of art.




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The Great Contemporary Art Bubble (2009) https://www.youtube.com/watch…


  • Mugrabi is the world's foremost Andy Warhol art dealer, and owns 800 Warhol pieces. He has built the value of Warhol pieces artificially first by loaning them to scores of exhibitions around the world, and secondly by pushing up the prices of pieces by "leapfroging" and frivolous bidding at auction.


  • Quote from the article: '"There's a lot of insider trading in the art market," says one salesroom regular, "and the Mugrabis are as insider as it gets." The self-professed "market makers" are frequent underbidders on works by the artists they collect to keep the value of their inventory high. (They're also known to occasionally collaborate with Gagosian.) And they all but control the market for Warhol. They're easy to spot: Jose, who is known for his aggressive bidding style, likes to sit on the aisle at Christie's and in the sixth row at Sotheby's.'



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