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Juris Pūce

Juris Pūce (born 22 January 1980, in Riga) is a Latvian economist, lawyer, and politician. He is the chairman of the liberal party Latvian Development and the fraction leader of Latvian Development group in the Riga City Council. He is also a board member at the Foundation of University of Latvia, he gives lectures in Strategic Management at the University of Latvia, and he is the presenter of the monthly radio show “Pūce skaita līdzi” (Pūce is counting along) on Radio SWH.

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Twitter Profile https://twitter.com/pucej

Attīstībai/Par! Wikipedia Page (Translated) https://translate.google.com/…

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  • Pushes changes in law by submitting 10k signatures for a review to parliament of Latvia, signed by citizens who want to legalize LGBT partnership law (Cohabitation Law).



  • Quote: "It's time to stop sorting families into right and not so right. State should implement a new law, reacting to new trends happening in society. [...] Also same-sex marriage families, which are part of our society, at this time don't have any protection by the government. That's why it's so important that the Partnership law is implemented and families protected."



  • Quote from the article: "With the adoption of the new manifesto Latvijas Attīstībai clearly defines itself as a liberal party that appreciates and values each person's freedom and equal treatment of all human interests, regardless of nationality, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, or physical and mental abilities."



  • On 23 March 2015, For Latvia's development chairperson, Juris Pūce, launched a signature collection campaign on ManaBalss.lv for the adoption of a Cohabitation Law in Latvia. The draft bill states that registration of couples’ cohabitation intentions would secure equal rights to all members of society regardless of gender.




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