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Karamba Diaby

Karamba Diaby (November 27, 1961) is a Senegalese-German SPD (Social Democratic Party) politician. He was born in Senegal and came to Germany in 1985, becoming a citizen in 2001. In 2013 Diaby was elected into the Bundestag (federal parliament).

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  • Diaby, at the time chairman of the Federal Council of Immigration and Integration, petitioned the German parliament to criminalise "racism and right-wing populism". This statement came as a reaction to Thilo Sarazin's book "Deutschland schafft sich ab" (Germany does away with itself), in which Sarazin writes about the destruction of Germany due to uncontrolled Islamic immigration. Karamba Diaby, who states that his organisation "stands up for freedom of speech", criticised that Thilo Sarazin could not be prosecuted for his writings under current laws.



  • Diaby is the project manager of "Projekt #NeuesMiteinander - Einwanderungsland Deutschland" (Project #NewTogether - Immigration country Germany). This project of the SPD parliamentary faction in the German federal parliament aims to modernise German immigration laws. Quote from their webpage: "Without immigration Germany would be culturally and financially poorer."

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