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Katharina von Schnurbein

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The European Commission has appointed Ms Katharina von Schnurbein as Coordinator on combating antisemitism. A German national, she has been coordinating the Commission's dialogue with Churches, religions, philosophical and non-confessional organisations and was part of former Commission President José Manuel Barroso's advisory team. (ec.europa.eu)




  • Quote: "We’ve had effective policies in place for a long time. For example, the Europe-wide Framework Decision on racism and xenophobia bans, among other things, Holocaust denial. However, only 13 out of 28 member states have currently correctly transposed this European legislation into national law. Legislation is only as good as its application on the ground. We are currently in procedures with EU member states to ensure just that. We have also focused on hate speech, inciting violence and recently in particular on the Internet."



  • Quote: "There is also a very worrying spike in online hate speech. We are already in touch with IT companies so that we can come up with a common solution to this Europe-wide [...] The EU should also adopt a common definition of anti-Semitism. We will now be in touch with Jewish communities and organizations in EU member states so that we know what their concerns are and also to listen to what they suggest in terms of solutions"




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