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Keeping Kids Company

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Keeping Kids Company (in liquidation), formerly Kids Company, is an incorporated and registered charity, founded by Camila Batmanghelidjh in 1996 to provide support to deprived inner city children.

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  • Kids Company is facing a fresh storm of controversy after it emerged that two of the vice-chairman’s children were on the charity’s payroll before its collapse. Sasha and Jamie Handover were both handed coveted jobs at the organisation where their father Richard, a former boss of WH Smith, has been a board member since 2005.


  • By contrast, the millions of pounds given to Kids Company served merely to increase Black pathologies in Britain. Kids Company funded drug-taking, facilitated immigration from Africa and the Caribbean, and subsidized the birth of more Blacks with low average IQs and high average levels of aggression and criminality. Camila [Batmanghelidjh] was always ready to assist the vast state apparatus of lies, deceit and legal threat that forces British Whites to “celebrate” their enrichment by murderers, rapists and fraudsters from the Third World.


  • Kids Company started in south London in 1996 and rose to attract high-profile backers including Prince Charles, Richard Branson and Stephen Fry.


  • Kids Company, whose founder was forced into a dramatic resignation last month, is facing a probe into "a number of allegations of crime". [...] It is being led by officers from the Complex Case Team of the Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command, Scotland Yard said.



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