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Keith Kahn-Harris

Keith Kahn-Harris is a Jewish writer, sociologist, lecturer, salonist, and music critic. He is an honorary research fellow and associate lecturer at Birkbeck College and an associate fellow of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research and a lecturer at Leo Baeck College. The topics Kahn-Harris has published academic and non-academic articles on include Judaism, music scenes, heavy metal music, transgression, Israel, communities, dialogue, religion, ethnicity, political discourse, and denial.



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Confirmation of Jewish Heritage http://archive.is/pKzto


  • Quote: "The concept of “white supremacy” is having a moment right now, and understandably so. White resentment, entitlement and bigotry never went away [...] For a significant proportion of [Trump's] supporters, it was a deliberate choice for moral degeneracy, even a celebration of it. It is also a reproach to the Obama years and to Obama personally. A bad white man will always be better than a good black man, regardless of the political platforms they support."



  • Kahn-Harris about being Jewish: "An itch that must be scratched, the grit in the oyster, a constant feeling that something should be somehow different…describing what being Jewish feels like to me is to search through metaphors and never be entirely satisfied with any of them. And that is entirely appropriate, as for me being Jewish is to never be entirely satisfied, to always be pushing on towards an endlessly deferred goal. Theologically and sociologically, Jews like me always fall short. Our constant failure is our greatest success, the source of our limitless yearning and wandering. I love my inadequate Jewishness."



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