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Movement for Equality, Support, Anti-Racism (KISA)

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The Movement for Equality, Support, Anti-Racism is a Cypriot Non-Governmental Organisation. KISA has two main remits. Firstly, it is the leading charity to campaign against discrimination in all forms on the island, including racism and sex trafficking, including running the annual Action Week against Racism within the framework of the European Network Against Racism. Secondly, it operates Support Centres which provide free legal and social services, guidance and advice to migrants, refugees and

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  • Quote from the article: "KISA organizes the annual "Rainbow Festival," the only festival celebrating multiculturalism and ethnic diversity in Cyprus. In November 2010, the festival was involved in a riot between anti-immigration protesters and festival attendees. Subsequently, the Executive Director of KISA, Doros Polycarpou, was arrested and charged with rioting [...]"




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