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Lena Posner Körösi

Lena Anna Posner Körösi (born November 23, 1955 in Gothenburg) is a Swedish psychologist. Her father came alone to Sweden from Nazi Germany as a 13 year old. Her mother was a daughter of Russian Jews who in 1906 fled to Sweden from the pogroms in Russia. (wikipedia.org)

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  • In 1999 Lena Posner Körösi became Chairman of the Jewish Council in Sweden and the Jewish Assembly in Stockholm, as the first woman in that post. In 2000, she founded Paideia - The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden, Stockholm . She has a number of international missions for Jewish organizations: She is Vice President of the European Council of Jewish Communities and member of the board of the European Jewish Congress.


  • The president of the official council of Jewish communities in Sweden said Wednesday that the tabloid story alleging that Israel plundered the bodies of Palestinians for organ transplants had not been picked up by other newspapers and therefore has not received much reaction from the Swedish Jewish community. ”This article is written by one person who is well known as being anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. It doesn’t create a lot of reaction in the Swedish public,” Lena Posner-Korosi told The Jerusalem Post regarding the Aftonbladet article. [...] ”Our response is that it’s all lies, it’s anti-Semitic, and we recognize classic anti-Semitism when we see it,” Posner-Korosi said.


  • The operator, Sonja Abrahamsson, during her stint on @Sweden has caused a stir with some references she made about Jews. She offered a crude comment about how to identify Jewish men and said it was difficult to tell Jews apart from non-Jews. “This woman’s tweets are more stupid than anti-Semitic,” Lena Posner-Korosi, president of the Council of Swedish Jewish Communities, told JTA on Thursday. “What is disconcerting is that VisitSweden has not terminated Abrahamsson’s stint even after her silly remarks. Letting Abrahamsson tweet for all of us will not make Sweden appear more attractive.”


  • Stockholm’s Jewish Community has received the bulk of the threats and has beefed up security at its premises across the capital in response. “We have received emails and letters from Islamists containing threats. The police and security services have raised the threat level accordingly,” Jewish council chairwoman Lena Posner Körösi told The Local. “What we don’t know is whether these threats are from people linked to groups like al-Qaeda or Isis or if they are copycats.” She later told news agency AFP that threats against Jews has "at least doubled" in Sweden.



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