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Leo Varadkar

Leo Eric Varadkar, born 18 January 1979 is an Irish politician who has served as Taoiseach, Minister for Defence and Leader of Fine Gael since June 2017. He was 38 years old on his election as Taoiseach, becoming the youngest person to hold the office. During the 2015 same-sex marriage referendum, he became the first openly gay Irish government minister. He is Ireland's first and the world's fourth openly gay head of government in modern times.

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  • Varadkar said: “Europe needs migration.” and added: “It is more of a political crisis linked to migration than a migration crisis per se.”



  • Varadkar is the third child and only son of Ashok and Miriam (née Howell) Varadkar. His father was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and moved to the United Kingdom in the 1960s, to work as a doctor.


  • Varadkar was a prominent advocate of the same-sex marriage referendum.



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