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Libby Schaaf

Elizabeth Beckman "Libby" Schaaf (born November 12, 1965) is an American politician and member of the Democratic Party. She is the mayor of Oakland, California and a former member of the Oakland City Council. Schaaf won the November 4, 2014, Oakland mayoral election in the 14th round in ranked choice voting with 62.79% of the vote.

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City of Oakland Profile https://beta.oaklandca.gov/of…

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Mayor's Office Email Address [email protected]


  • The Jewish mayor of Oakland, California has defended her decision to warn the community in advance of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid in Northern California. [...] The tip-off allowed some 800 illegal immigrants to escape arrest, Thomas Homan, ICE’s acting director, told Fox & Friends without giving details. He said her warning was “beyond the pale” and compared her to a gang lookout who tells people when a police car is arriving.




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