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Linda Curika

Linda Curika studied at Riga Stradins University and does freelance work for Providus. She is a PR officer for Riga based NATO Strategic Communications COE (StratCom COE). According to her Twitter profile: "Feminist, activist, blogger, explorer of the media." and "Human rights activist with a heart for creating change" according to her LinkedIn Profile.



NATO StratCom Profile http://www.stratcomcoe.org/li…

Twitter Profile https://twitter.com/curiha

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Email Address [email protected]

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  • Organizer of 'Rainbow church service' at St. Saviour's Anglican Church after EuroPride 2015 in Riga.



  • "We were greatly honored to have both Maris Sants and Juris Calitis as our guests in the Rainbow Celebration on 21 June. It was Maris’ first time back in Latvia after five years. He participated in the intercession prayers and Juris gave us his blessing at the end of the service. Around fifty people celebrated with us in a highly intense and emotional hour of worship. Linda Curika and Matijs Mihelmanis testified to their personal life as LGBTs"



  • "Latvian cultural workers to join gay pride parade in Riga" The participants will include... "human rights activist Linda Curika"



  • Gave a TEDx speech on "gender and minority equality", titled "Stereotyping Gender — How Is This Still A Thing? | Linda Curika | TEDxRiga" on Youtube. Video description: "Gender stereotypes in media are capable of driving a sane person insane; yet still they persist. Is fighting stereotypes head-on hopeless? Linda is one of the first and most recognizable Latvian feminists. For more than 10 years she has observed and written about the ways the media stereotypes gender and minorities. Recently she has stopped writing and started talking, by way of stand-up comedy. During her spare time Linda writes stories. Mostly these are not published as Linda is considering the option of being one of those writers who are 'discovered' after their death."




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