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Ľudia Proti Rasizmu

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NGO People Against Racism was formed in order to create a tolerant, open and multicultural society that respects human rights and individuality of every human being without distinction of sex, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, age, or education. Since its inception in 2003 the neodňatený share that is distant from the problems of racism became a full-body-discussed topic, especially by monitoring racism and immediate response to current cases and issues in Slovakia. (egam.eu)




  • The organization People Against Racism will focus on working with volunteers and the public in general , what has contributed to setting up documentation and communication center for the fight against racism . For legal assistance to victims of racism , racist attacks , or any form of discrimination was established hotline 02 / 16356 , which also serves for us as instruments of information and networking on the situation in Slovakia .


  • At present, the main priority of the people against racism and systematic training of the effort to eliminate prejudice, especially through the active projects in the areas of: Expertise and monitoring racist Slovakia, free legal aid to victims of racism and racially motivated attacks, or any form of discrimination, Cultural and sporting events to disseminate anti-racist ideas and the presentation of different cultures and nationalities, Educational activities with respect to issues of racism, totalitarian political systems or discrimination, eliminate racial abuse in sport.



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