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Luke O'Brien

Luke O'Brien is an award-winning magazine journalist who specializes in narrative and investigative features. He writes regularly about technology, crime and sports. His work has appeared in The Atlantic, Fortune, Details, Rolling Stone, Fast Company, The New York Times, Boston Magazine, The Washington Post Magazine and Slate, among other publications. His stories have been anthologized in the Best Technology Writing and noted in the Best American Sports Writing. (lukeobrien.com)




  • In a sensationalist article for Huffington Post he misrepresented and slandered the alt-right movement in general and some of its prominent figures, using the typical insults (racists, neo-Nazis, anti-Semites, xenophobes ..) without covering any of the alt-right's arguments. Quote: "Alt-righters are mostly young white men who are angry about income inequality, poor job prospects, PC culture, crumbling social welfare programs and war. They come from Pat Buchanan’s nativist paleoconservatism, Ron Paul’s libertarianism, the rape-y Manosphere, the Gamergate underground, and other subcultures. Along the way, they feed off disinformation and conspiracy theories that have gained credence thanks in no small measure to Republican efforts to demonize journalism [...]"




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