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Mario Guido Friggieri

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Mr Friggieri was born on the 5th December, 1951. He studied at St Aloysius College, from 1962 to 1968 after attending the Balzan/Lija Government Primary School. He joined the Jesuit Order in 1968. Mr. Mario Guido Friggieri was appointed Refugee Commissioner on the 28th June, 2007. He succeeded Mr Charles Buttigieg who was the first Maltese Refugee Commissioner, since the 1st January, 2002. (homeaffairs.gov.mt)

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  • Possibly involved in human trafficking, quote from the article: "Government sources speaking with this newspaper yesterday insisted the authorities are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts. So much so that they have also confirmed that, among the various leads they are following, they are looking into the possibility that the racket reached as far as staff at Malta’s Office of the Refugee Commissioner, which is responsible for assessing asylum and other humanitarian protection applications. All the people who entered Malta with fake passports through the racket were given humanitarian protection by the Office of the Refugee Commissioner, government sources confirmed yesterday, but no one bothered to inform the authorities about this new migratory route. "




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