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Matthias Kamann

Matthias Kamann (1961) is a German journalist and author. He is a political editor for the conservative newspaper Die Welt.

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  • Kamann criticises the anti-EU and anti-immigration party AfD for being a party of "anti-patriots". "The AfD likes to portray itself as patriotic [...]. But about half the party cannot be described as patriotic. Love for this country would mean that one likes the people who live here and that one has a positive disposition to the current society." The half of the party Kamann mentions are those who voted for Doris von Sayn-Wittgenstein, a member of the right-wing of the party in the party leadership elections. Quote from her on current German political society: "I do not want us to arrive in this so-called society. This is not our society". Kamann also criticises members of the party for wanting to leave NATO and thus "expose the German people to national security adventures."




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