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Münchner Bündnis gegen Krieg und Rassismus

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The left-wing extremist Munich Alliance Against War and Racism is a loose association of individuals and organizations with no fixed membership structure. In it, especially left-wing extremist parties and groups such as the DKP, the SDAJ, the MLPD and the Anti-Capitalist Left Munich (AL-M) are active. (bayern-gegen-linksextremismus.bayern.de)




  • Quote from one of the prominent members, Claus Schreer: "But not the refugees are the problem, but the rigorous foreclosure and deportation practices in Germany and the EU countries. The refugees come because their countries were devastated and thrown into turmoil by the wars of the NATO countries. They come because of the devastating world trade policy of the Western states and the dictates of the IMF, the people in the countries of the South's livelihoods are destroyed and they want to escape the misery and poverty in their home countries. If not thousands of refugees are to drown every year, they need safe escape routes and legal entry into the EU - this is what we stand for."




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