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Nariman Reinke

Nariman Reinke (1979) is a Moroccan-German soldier and the chairwoman of Deutscher.Soldat. e.V.




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  • Reinke is the chairwoman of Deutscher.Soldat. e.V., an association founded by German soldiers, which promotes integration of migrants into German society. The association has a vision for Germany in which it becomes "a nation, where anyone will be German who feels as such and wants to be known as such." In the vision statement the association also states that its members are "inspired by the will to see diversity as normal and a chance".


  • Reinke, at the 2. Congress of Neue Deutsche Organisationen, said that "New Germans are advancing, to use military terms."


  • During a lively question-and-answer period that engaged the standing-room only crowd, Nariman Reinke, a German soldier of Moroccan descent in her 12th year of military service, said: “I’m a German soldier, look which flag I’m wearing.” And yet, the military doesn’t offer the same religious support for Muslims as it does for Christians. “[While deployed,] I’d always ask myself, what if I get killed?” Would a Christian chaplain inform and comfort her Muslim mother?



  • "My parents came to Germany from Morocco 52 years ago," she writes. "The consequence wasn't rape and crimes, but six new German children." On Facebook, she points out how sexual assault is not particularly endemic to any place or culture and that it's wrong to reverse the policy on refugee arrivals because of change of public opinion.




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