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Nylah Burton

Quote: 'Nylah Burton is a writer of good journalism and mediocre poetry. She has been described by racists and anti-Semites as “emotional, disrespectful, and volatile.” She thinks this is the best review of her writing she’s ever received. Her grandma has it on the Fridgidaire.' (heyalma.com)

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Author's on The Forward https://forward.com/author/ny…

Burton's Article 'White Jews: Stop Calling Yourselves “White-Passing”' http://archive.li/FceHe

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  • Quote: "For the record, I strongly feel that de-assimilation and the dismantling of whiteness is critical to both the eradication of racism and the survival of the Jewish people. For me, part of these efforts involve taking great care to use terms like pale, white-passing, and light-skinned to describe white Jews without explicitly calling them so. But the truth is, I was also a bit wrong. One can be white and Jewish, and I think it’s important to face this fact. De-assimilation doesn’t mean that we must deny that many in our community are able to access systemic white privilege with few impediments. But here’s the salient point: White Jews aren’t white passing. They are functionally white."



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