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Österreichische Liga für Menschenrechte

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The Austrian League for Human Rights is the oldest Austrian human rights organization. It was founded in 1926 as part of the International League for Human Rights and was initially predominantly Masonic. It deals with public relations, events and in publications for compliance and improving the rights of ethnic groups and racial, religious, sexual and social minorities. Since 1989, the league produces an annual human rights findings of the situation in Austria.

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  • In their own words: "The Austrian League for Human Rights is committed to the implementation and observance of human rights. The office is also open to all those seeking advice for individual concerns in the field of human rights and provides guidance on legal matters."


  • The Austrian League for Human Rights publishes a magazine called "liga".


  • In an open letter to the Austrian government they blame the restrictive policies of the EU and Austrian officials to cause refugee deaths in the Mediterranian. They claim the treatment of refugees fosters fear in the public which is completely unfounded and strenghtens xenophobic political powers.



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