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Our Soldiers Speak

Intrepid Report describes the organization as follows: "Our Soldiers Speak claims to be an organization that is an independent, U.S. based, non-governmental organization (NGO). [...] We must also pay attention to the name of this organization, one that is based in the U.S. calling itself Our Soldiers Speak. One might get the impression that “our” refers to U.S. military personnel. Guess again. Those that will go to U.S. campuses are from the Israeli IDF." (intrepidreport.com)

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  • Quote from their mission statement: "O.S.S. CAMPUS is the vehicle through which the I.D.F. and the Israeli National Police dispatch senior officers to select campuses overseas. O.S.S. Campus speaks to the pro., the anti and the undecided elements of the global student and faculty community alike. To date we have reached over 400 campuses in several continents."


  • Quote from their mission statement: "O.S.S. ELITE convenes policy and strategy briefings for members of the United States Senate and the United States Congress by senior ranked members of the I.D.F. and the Israeli National Police as well as for legislators and policy influencers throughout the western world."


  • Quote from their mission statement: "O.S.S. ISRAEL recognizes that Israel is her own greatest ambassador. The Israel Through The Law & Policy Lens tour of the country brings select graduate and doctoral students, committed to careers in public service, to Israel for an academically rich immersion into the law and policy considerations of the country. Delegates join us from more than 10 different countries annually, ensuring a delegation that is truly global. Unique follow-up opportunities for tour graduates result in an ongoing appreciation of the State of Israel and her place among the nations."


  • Quote from their website: "Our Soldiers Speak looks forward to welcoming the 2018 delegation of Cadets from the United States Military Academy at West Point to the State of Israel this July for the annual Israel Through The Strategy & Defense Lens tour of the country. The tour is specifically devised for individuals bound for careers as officers in the United States Armed Forces and provides a unique, in depth insight into the State of Israel that will escort the participants throughout their military careers and beyond."


  • This is an organization that has assumed the responsibility to counter the influence of Breaking the Silence, a group that constitutes former Israeli military personnel (IDF), who have spoken out about its ethnic cleansing program and the purposeful brutality of the Israeli army against the Palestinian population in Gaza and the West Bank.


  • Our Soldiers Speak, sponsors speakers being sent to U.S. college campuses to present an Israeli view of the happenings in Israel and Palestine. It seems strange that they find it necessary to provide an Israeli view when all one has to do is read the NY Times, the Washington Post, or any other mainstream print media or tune in to ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or Fox News to be inundated with the Israeli point of view.


  • Our Soldiers Speak was founded by Sgt. Benjamin Anthony in 2007. Sgt. Anthony specialized as a heavy machine gunner. Sgt. Anthony has participated in recent campaigns by the IDF to defend Israeli citizens in the face of new age terrorist activity. Additionally, Sgt. Anthony has served as a combat soldier along Israel’s northern borders and in the area of Judea and Samaria/the West Bank.



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