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Paul Keating

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Paul John Keating (born 18 Jan. 1944) was the 25th Prime Minister of Australia from 1991 to 1996, representing the Australian Labor Party. He played a pivotal role in pushing the multicultural narrative in Australia and opening the borders to non-White immigration.




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  • "Australia cannot retreat behind a white picket fence . . . rather Australians must embrace the future and the Government must take the lead. This means adopting a positive outward-looking attitude to all parts of the world, including Asia, and encouraging an understanding of the benefits of immigration so that fear does not drive discussion of it. It means coming to terms with the various, and sometimes painful, histories of Australians and working towards creating a tolerant and inclusive society. It means pursuing a republican constitution and a new distinctively Australian flag in time for the centenary of federation and the Sydney 2000 Olympics." - Speech "For the New Australia" 11 November 1996



  • "The nearly forty per cent of immigrants to Australia who now come from Asia are playing their part in changing the way Australians think about the world and their country; in just the same way that earlier waves of immigrants, ever since 1788, successively shaped and re-shaped Australia's sense of itself. [...] And despite deep imperfections in our record, including the racism inherent in our immigration policies until a quarter of a century ago, Australia has also been a very tolerant community, absorbing settlers from ail parts of the world with remarkably little tension."




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