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Policy Association For An Open Society

In their own words: "PASOS supports the development and strengthens the outreach and impact of its 56 members. PASOS builds upon the work undertaken by the Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative (LGI) of the Open Society Institute (OSI) since 1999 to upgrade the institutional capacities of the OSI-related policy centres which operated until 2004 within a collaborative and supportive network known as the Related Centres Network (RCN)." (pasos.org)

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Czech Republic


Medium influence


Official Website http://pasos.org

PASOS Member Organisations http://pasos.org/our-network/

Twitter Profile https://twitter.com/pasosonli…


  • Quote from their Strategic Directions, 2015-2018: "PASOS generates policy knowledge and expertise through evidence-based research, building local and regional capacities, and advocating for reform, innovation and inclusion at national, regional and international policy agendas. PASOS strives for: respect for human rights, the rights of minorities, and the promotion of an open society; effective, participatory democracy; good governance and the rule of law; sustainable development and prosperity based on sound and inclusive economies; peaceful dialogue between neighbouring countries and within countries"



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