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Political Critique

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Political Critique is a circle of Polish left-wing intellectuals gathered around a journal of the same title founded by Sławomir Sierakowski in 2002. The name draws on the tradition of Young Poland’s "Krytyka" (The Critique), a monthly magazine published by Wilhelm Feldman at the beginning of the 20th century, and on the samizdat "Krytyka" which served as a forum for opposition writers and journalists in the 1970s and 1980s.

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  • The aim of Krytyka Polityczna is to revive the tradition of engaged Polish intelligentsia. From the outset the activities of “Krytyka Polityczna” have focused on three main fields: social science, culture and politics to show that the social sciences, the arts and politics differ only in their means of expression, whereas what they have in common is the impact they have on social reality. The fundamental aim of “Krytyka Polityczna” is to prepare and introduce into the public sphere a project of struggle against economic and social exclusion. Another goal is to spread the idea of deep European integration.



  • In the years 2006-2009 the milieu of the "Krytyka Polityczna" ran REDakcja (Warsaw, Chmielna 26/19 St.) – a centre serving the exchange of thought, debate, trainings, workshops, expositions of art, and presentation of social and political projects. REDakcja was also a distribution point of alternative and left-wing books and magazines. From its opening REDakcja held several hundred open meetings – literary debates, workshops, seminars, screenings, as well as a few film festivals.

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