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Radykalna Akcja Antyfaszystowska

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Radical anti-fascist Action (abbreviated RAAF) - an informal anarchist organization for people with anti-fascist views and fighting against fascism, chauvinism, nationalism and sexism in society. Refers to similar organizations in the West (ie .: Antifa: Ger. Antifaschistische Aktion, ang. Antifascista Action etc.). Members of the RAAF protect anarchist demonstrations and rallies. Annex RAAF is the organization Youth Against Racism in Europe.

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  • Antifa Polska's rules of engagment: "defense of our own people from the repression: militant anti-fascism is not a joke. Lots of our activities might break the law and you should bear in mind legal consequences. Every person taking part in actions must know, that it has all sorts of help and unconditional solidarity guaranteed."


  • Antifa Polska's rules of engagment: "fighting fascism under any disguise and in every part of life: point that is sef-explanatory. Doesn't matter if they are nazi skinheads, "elite" from blood&honour, Polish fascists such as NOP or ONR, pagan shitheads from Niklot or other kind of right wing, homophobic and racist scum they are all our enemy and a target."



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