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Raed Saleh

Raed Saleh (born June 10, 1977 in Sebastia, West Bank, today Palestinian Territory) is a German politician for the Social Democratic Party of Germany. He has been a member of the Berlin House of Representatives since 2006 and has been the leader of the SPD parliamentary group since December 1, 2011.




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  • Quote: "Anti-Semitism is not a new phenomenon. Many are currently hiding behind the cloak of migrant anti-Semitism and in truth rubbing their hands at the opportunity it presents them with. These are the anti-Semites in Armani suits and the right-wing populists. Some are also trying to foment an atmosphere hostile to Islam. I can only warn against this. Attacking someone wearing a yarmulke is just as criminal as tearing the headscarf from a woman's head. When refugees from Syria or Afghanistan have been raised with anti-Semitic ideology, then we have to put up a stop sign and make sure that it stops right here. Here in Germany we do not go after people of other religions with a belt!"


  • Saleh, who came to Germany from the West Bank with his family when he was 5, sees the plan to rebuild the synagogue in Kreuzberg, home to many mosques, as a gesture of inclusion. “I wouldn’t be a good Muslim if I didn’t champion Jewish life in my home city, Berlin,” he said. “And a Christian wouldn’t be a good Christian, either, if he didn’t intervene when a woman’s hijab is being torn from her head.”



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