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René Johnson-Harper

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René Johnson-Harper (born October 1, 1974 [?]) is based in Nebraska, Omaha, United State. In her own words: "I am a 39 year old mama and wife.and recent grandma. I am a work at home mama and aspiring artist and designer of children's toys, dolls, and lovies. My husband and I live with our daughter Novella in a little bungalow in Nebraska." Her husband Stan Harper attends First Unitarian Church, Omaha, NE. (etsy.com/people/chickabiddybaby)

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  • Quote from her Facebook page: "The most common response I keep hearing is 'he has freedom of speech'. *fuck freedom of speech for people who oppress the actual freedom of living for other people. .. *if Kulhanek had gone off and said he hated veterans,...or the national anthem or people's right to own guns...would the response from the public be 'he has that right, let's start a support Bryan Kulhanek page'. No...because just like those that support Trump..they are happy for someone who speaks not just his mind..but their mind. The overwhelming response today was disgust at us for calling out a racist, dangerous cop. The opposition was far greater than the support. I'm terrified of my community on a whole new level.



  • "An officer who should be serving the public, who has an online persona riddled with racist and homophobic, sexist, xenophobic posts is a danger to people he reports to be serving,” said protester Rene Harper.



  • "I think people who have to say 'all lives matter' but can't muster 'black lives matter' -- they don't really feel all lives matter," Johnson-Harper said.




Black Lives Matter (Business)

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