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Richard Branson

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Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson (born 18 July 1950) is an English business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. He is best known as the founder of Virgin Group, which comprises more than 400 companies.

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  • GERMANY should be proud of its open-door migrant policy, billionaire Sir Richard Branson has declared. The entrepreneur also said the country will benefit greatly in five years time. Sir Richard was speaking in Munich to a crowd of 5,000 people about the benefits of migration. [...] He said the “wonderful contrast” between the current situation and the "horror pictures" of death trains in Germany showed the country had made huge progress.



  • In December 2013 Branson urged companies to boycott Uganda because of its "anti-homosexuality bill." Branson stated that it would be "against my conscience to support this country...governments must realize that people should be able to love whoever they want."



  • Branson has supported continuing British membership of the European Union and was opposed to the 2016 referendum.


  • Branson's business empire is owned by a complicated series of offshore trusts and companies. The Sunday Times stated that his wealth is calculated at £3 billion; if he were to retire to his Caribbean island and liquidate all of this, he would pay relatively little in tax.


  • In 2006, Branson made a high-profile pledge to invest $3 billion toward addressing global warming over the course of the following decade.



  • On 9 October 2014, Branson was named as the No. 1 LGBT ally by the OUTstanding organisation.



  • “I was brought up by my parents always to stand up for what I think is right, “ says Sir Richard Branson, crediting this as a strong driver behind his advocacy for LGBT rights around the world, writes Denise Law. [...] “I believe it is everyone’s responsibility to create an environment where all people can thrive,” he says.



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