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Richard Cook

Richard Cook was Conservative candidate for East Renfrew-shire at the 2010 General Election and is a candidate for deputy chairman of the Scottish Conservative Party.

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  • Wrote about David Cameron: "David Cameron's speech to the Conservative Party Spring Forum today demonstrated clearly his readiness to serve his country as Prime Minister."



  • Richard Cook, chief executive of Cook Consulting (UK) Ltd, signed memoranda of understanding (MoU) with Pakistani officials this week. [...] Mr Cook is a former vice-chairman of the Scottish Conservatives.



  • He served as Vice Chairman of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party from March 2006 until May 2008, represents Conservative Friends of Israel in Scotland and is Director in Scotland of the Campaign Against Political Correctness.



  • Quote from the article: "A modest, semi-detached house in Clarkston on Glasgow’s southside seems an unlikely source for a secretive, £425,000 donation to the Democratic Unionist Party’s Brexit campaign. But the occupant – Richard Cook – is the only person publicly connected with the Constitutional Research Council, a shadowy pro-union group that funnelled dark money to the DUP ahead of June’s EU referendum. And Richard Cook is not just connected to Northern Irish unionism – he has links that go to the heart of the Scottish Conservative Party, the Saudi intelligence service and a notorious Indian gun running scandal."




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