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Robert Singer

Robert Singer (born in 1956 in Chernivtsi, Ukraine) is a Jewish organizational leader and former Israeli government official. Since May 2013, Singer has served as the chief executive officer and executive-vice president of the World Jewish Congress, the most senior professional of the international Jewish NGO.



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  • Wrote an article for Huffington Post, quote: "The question of whether the West should take in Middle Eastern refugees is becoming irrelevant. Shutting the borders would be immoral. It would also be impossible. The real issue then is how to absorb these refugees, share the burden equitably and above all, avoid the mistakes of the past."


  • Robert Singer, the chief executive officer of the World Jewish Congress, stated in New York, the [nationalist Lukov March in Sofia] needed to be banned. “We cannot stand by in silence as neo-Nazis and anti-Semites march through the streets of Sofia, in the same dangerous manifestation of the same anti-Semitic ideology that brought about the near destruction of European Jewry”, Singer said.




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